Permit Flies

Permit flies are our specialty at the Blackfly Outfitter Fly Shop and we've had years of experience as guides in the Keys and as lodge managers to know what to look for in a successful permit fly....I've fished there!!!! It's hard to put together a "Permit Fly Kit" for sale because they are always different depending on where you go. You have to start out with the traditional merkin fly and add on the permit flies that are basically offshoots of that fly. I've fished the Keys, Bahamas, Belize and Mexico for these majestic fish and there's no other thrill quite like it as you add to your permit total over the years. There are now many permit flies that work and are dependable but remember to always take a merkin or three. Our fly shop selection features more than 50 different permit flies and we have confidence in all of them. Remember that most all of the flies that we list in the Permit Fly category are also good choices for several other species like bonefish, redfish and stripers. Most permit flies are weighted with dumbbell eyes to get them to sink quickly in deeper water. A few will have lighter bead chain eyes for shallower water.