Bonefish Flies

World's leading authority on Bonefish flies

At Blackfly Outfitter currently has more than one hundred and fifty different bonefish flies in stock. If your passion is to fly fish for bonefish in the Bahamas, Belize, Mexico, the Keys or any other foreign destination around the world.

We tailor specific destination flies and kits. We can advise on use, why and when..... contact us via web or call us for questions regarding personalized fly selection service. +1 (904) 997 2220. Ask for Andrew, Nick or Gabe. We also have direct knowledge on exotic flies from the Amazon and through out South America through Pacific waters via Blackfly ambassador Matti Majorin

Our expert advice does not mean visiting or interacting with a location once. Vaughn Cochran, owner, has managed fly fishing lodges in Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and was a full time guide in the Keys for many years. We also own Blackfly Lodge in Abaco Bahamas.

Blackfly Outfitter staff has traveled as well and has hands on experience. As a team, we assemble our fly kits and select patterns specifically for the location or specific lodge that your may be traveling to. Please click on the link above for the "Fly Advisor" section of this website for detailed info on flies for the lodge that you are visiting.

Our fishing fly inventory reflects expert fly tyers who are always inventing new bonefish patterns for our clients, as well as buying new flies from some of the top tier vendors in the U.S...

They're not available anywhere else!

All of our flies are tested at our own lodge, Blackfly Lodge, so we know they're effective. Check out our destination fly kits for your next trip, you guide will never say these flies won't work here. We're not trying to sell you all the flies we can, we're selling you success.