Destination Fly Kits


Custom Saltwater Fly Fishing Assortments or "fly kits" is our specialty at the Blackfly Outfitter Fly Shop. A custom fly assortment means a saltwater fly fishing kit created just for you and fine tuned for the specific lodge you're traveling to, how many days you are going to be fishing and the number of anglers using the kit. Fly assortments, like those for the hottest new fishing destinations in Cuba, are selected by our staff to include the most up to date new flies based on "reel" time information, plus the traditional patterns that have been tested over many years to be the most effective flies for the destination you are visiting. Your guide will never say "oh, these flies won't work here". If you're a beginner or an old salt looking for expert advice, Blackfly is the number to call. 904 997 2220.