Jigs & Jig Kits

The Black Fly Outfitter Fly Shop is always ready to ship our popular bonefish jigs. We carry many versions of the incredibly irresistible (to bonefish) wiggle styled bonefish jigs including Millie's Bonefish Jig, The Millies Classic Bonefish Jig Kit and the Millie's Hackle Bonefish Jig Kit. We also stock an extremely varied collection of the popular Buggs Jigs. All colors of the bonefish jigs are tried and true colors that have been catching bonefish for years on all of the famous bonefish flats around the world. The Buggs jigs are directly designed to mimic popular bonefish flies and assembled by the staff at Blackfly to be the best bonefish kit available. All of these bonefish jigs have been successful in places like the Bahamas, Los Roques, Mexico's Yucatan, Christmas Island, Belize and the Florida Keys.

The classic bonefish jig head is designed to land in an upright position and upon retrieve it will wobble enticingly as it glides over the bottom. If you're going bonefishing, these bonefish jigs will catch bonefish and everything else that's close by. Also great for many other species of saltwater and freshwater game fish. Try adding a pork rind, rubber tail or Gulp to see some real action. All of the bonefish jig kits are boxed in groups of 5 and in assorted colors...in 1/8, 1/16 and 3/16 oz. weights. Single jigs are available in selected colors.