Capt. Vaughn Cochran

Capt. Vaughn Says....I want Black Fly Outfitter to be a source of knowledge for fly fishermen not only for the latest equipment and resources that are continuously coming onto the market but also for how to become a better fisherman and steward of our fragile fisheries. One of the ways we have attempted to accomplish these goals has been the creation of three ongoing classes and demonstrations that we hold here in our store. You can read about them in the descriptions below and get more detailed information; if needed, by calling us here at the store.(904-997-2220)

A testimonial from Joe LaMarco:
Customer service is not dead! Capt. Randy spent a lot of his time with me, teaching me the basics of fly casting, putting together an outfit geared towards the type of fishing I wanted to do, even picking out a few flies to start me off. If you are interested in getting started fly fishing but are put off by all the technical stuff, go see Blackfly Outfitters. They will make sure you have the right equipment, and know how to use it, to be successful.
Thanks Capt. Randy!