Fishing flies for Saltwater and Freshwater fly fishing are our specialty at Blackfly Outfitter. Our expertise in selecting flies and fly tying comes from our extensive experience in worldwide fly fishing from the Florida Keys to many other tropical destinations. "As a fishing lodge manager in countries such as Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico and the Bahamas," says Vaughn, "that kind of experience is not based on a trip or two to a lodge by someone new to the business who lives on a trout stream somewhere". Our entire staff at Blackfly Outfitter are accomplished saltwater fishing guides and understand the strategy of why you buy or tie a certain fly for a particular lodge or geographical fishing area. We are a long established company you can trust to ship you the right flies that are the highest quality and using the best materials. If you buy the cheapest flies, that's what you're going to get.

Call us (904) 997 2220, and ask one of our guide/experts (Andrew, Austin or Nick), to go over every detail of your order no matter if you're only buying a few feathers or you're looking for an entire fly kit for your next fly fishing adventure.