Dear Blackfly Outfitter and Blackfly Cafe Customers ,

It is with very mixed feelings that we are announcing it is time for us to reorient our daily focus on Vaughn's art and Jean's pursuit of happiness. We will be closing Blackfly Café JAX immediately and Blackfly Outfitter as of Saturday, June 27th. Covid-19 has partially been a factor, but mostly it's just time to do something else for a change.
The good news is that the outfitter location will be taken over by Dave and Angela Workman's Strike-Zone Fishing. Dave will continue to carry Blackfly branded products, all the fly fishing brands that Blackfly carried and he has retained all of the current expert staff - Andrew, Collin and Gavin - you are used to working with. The flyshop will have a totally new name and new look, we expect you will be pleasantly surprised when you walk in the door.
Blackfly Outfitter will fulfill all on-line orders placed through midnight June 26th. We will contact you if we cannot ship complete. Future orders can be placed on the Strike-Zone Fly Fishing website, further details to follow. You can always call the store at 904.997.2220 to talk to a staff member and place an order.
Vaughn and Jean Cochran, owners.

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