It's the "sweet spot" time of year again when thoughts go to: When do the tarpon show up in the backcountry and how can I be the first one there. The next thought is, what do I need to do to get ready for this years tarpon season. Blackfly Outfitter is an authority on tarpon and all the gear you need to have in order to meet one up close and personal. Give us a call to tap into our personal experiences on how to get ready no matter if you're going to the Keys, Cuba, Mexico or Costa Rica.

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"Tarpon Time Out" Art by Vaughn Cochran


Bonefish Flies


This review is written by Blackfly Outfitter associate Nick Way, We just recently received our first shipment of Sage’s latest fly rod offering the Igniter. This rod replaces the Method in their line as their “Ultra-Fast All Water Rod”. The 7wt Method has been a favorite of ours in the shop for some time for …

If you’ve been bonefishing for a while like me, you probably have a nice collection of bonefish flies. When I say “nice collection” I mean a boat load of bonefish flies, no I mean hundreds of bonefish flies. Do I really NEED all those bonefish flies? Maybe! You see, a nice collection is exactly that, …

In keeping with our website theme of travel/tarpon fishing/permit, we might as well mention one of the best gamefish challenges on the flats….Mr Barracuda. You’ll notice that I included a recent painting of a variation of my popular “Barracuda Bright”. This often overlooked ruler of the flats is one of the first few experimental paintings …

Vaughn Cochran Art

Regarded as one of the best and more innovative artists in the world of fishing art, Vaughn’s current groups of pencil drawings, watercolors, mixed media, acrylic and oil paintings would be classified as contemporary sporting art and represents the last 20 years of his work.

You can browse a selection of Vaughn's Paintings and Prints here at the store, or check out Vaughn's Gallery!

Fly Fishing in Cuba

Cuba Libre? One step at a time, but we have everything you need for all your fly fishing needs in Cuba!