Capt. Vaughn Cochran

Capt. Vaughn Says....What are the best flies for bonefish? What are the best bonefish flies? We have pages and pages of bonefish flies for sale...saltwater fishing flies for bonefish, permit and tarpon are our specialty at the Blackfly Outfitter Fly Shop and we have hundreds of saltwater flies for you to choose from. Our Black Fly Outfitter Fly Shop has an extensive selection of bonefish flies, permit flies, tarpon flies and all of the other flies you'll need for any fly fishing destination worldwide, including hand tied flies for Sailfish and all of the other bluewater flies or offshore flies. If you're flyfishing for bonefish in the Bahamas, Mexico, Belize, The Keys or anyplace else, you can count on our expertise to help you catch fish. We have specialty kits hand picked by our staff that are based on current information about each of the lodges around the world. We have Mexico Fly Kits, Bahama Fly Kits, Belize Fly Kits and saltwater fly kits for just about every fly fishing destination in the world. Our fly shop has one of the best Amazon/peacock bass fly kits ever put together. We carry hundreds of patterns of Saltwater Flies in our fly shop not to mention all of the other patterns of saltwater flies tied by our Black Fly Outfitter fly tyers.
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